In this week’s episode Orla chats to Wexford woman Ceara Carney who is using her social media platform and podcast to spread the word on sustainability and climate action.

Her podcast “Book of Leaves” is described as chats with eco-friendly people who are living climate-conscious lives and doing their bit for the planet. conscious

What is the Book of Leaves Podcast? 

The podcast began in 2019 and has since gone on to win an award in the Climate category at the Irish Podcast Awards.

Ceara interviews people interviewing people from all walks of life who are doing their bit for the planet and everyone on it.

She talks to business owners, activists, influencers, farmers, actors, parents, doctors and everyone in-between.

Ceara says: “Together we can educate each other on why we should live more eco-consciously and how we can do so, while having a laugh along the way! Each episode is an opportunity to learn from someone and take a leaf from their book on living more sustainably.”

Since starting the podcast, Ceara says that it is important to meet and talk to like minded people when championing for change.

“We must not be afraid to be proud of the little changes that we make and frame them in ways that we’re not sacrificing.

“A lot of climate change is framed as sacrifices. ie. you’re giving up your holidays, you’re giving up your meat, etc.

“There are things that you can share and if you are passionate about them, your friends and people around you will take on that passion so never underestimate the ripple effect you have.”

Since going vegan in 2016, Ceara says she has learned more and more about climate change and various man-made industries that are contributing to the destruction of the world as we know it.

“I try do my bit for the planet but there’s so much information out there, it can be a bit overwhelming.

“This podcast is a way to highlight people and businesses that we can all support and learn from to help us live more sustainably.

“The small things all add up!”

How important are small changes towards climate action? 

If you think you’re powerless against climate change and that one person can’t make a difference, we urge you to think again.

The United Nations defines climate change as, “a change of climate which is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of the global atmosphere”.

While the scale of the challenge is daunting, small changes can make a huge difference and they’re urging everyone to take responsibility for their individual contribution.

Through our work with some of the world’s poorest communities, the world has seen that the climate crisis is having a devastating impact on people’s livelihoods and claiming the lives of the most vulnerable.

Small changes to consider: 

1) Stop using disposable cups
2) Consider the environment when voting
3) Make single-use plastic a thing of the past
4) Use energy wisely
5) Eat less meat
6. Go Green

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