What is the Power of One? 

Have you heard of the power of one, the theory that one person can change the future, that one person’s actions can positively alter the lives of many? Sounds easy doesn’t it? 

Well this week I’m getting advice from two former climate activists here in the southeast on how to be that power of one in climate change. 

Both Christina and Malcolm have a background in activism. Christina is a former Greenpeace activist and Malcolm worked for two decades as a community and environmental activist with Friends of the Earth. 

If you want to motivate change, however small that change may be, it could be anything from motivating your workplace to eat more sustainably or even creating a green space for your community. 

How can you help?

Their advice is to join a local environmental organization or a Tidy Towns group who work to plant trees, plant pollinators and much more.

To find an organisation in your area, check out: