Here’s our list of 5 ideas for a more sustainable wedding if you’re planning your Big Day

  1. Choose your venue wisely

Try to choose a location that requires the least amount of miles for the majority of your guests and encourage lift sharing. You could also ask about the green credentials of your preferred venues to see how they operate and what they’re doing about their carbon footprint.

  1. Green your Gift List

Sponsoring wildlife, planting trees and hedgerows, or simply making a donation to the charity means that the magic of your special day can keep supporting nature long into the future.

  1. Make your menu eco-friendly

A vegan or vegetarian menu would reduce the environmental impact of the wedding meal. Single-serve packaging creates more waste, so you could consider pouring from bigger glass bottles like magnums that you can easily recycle. 

  1. Support ethical fashion choices

Buying a vintage or pre-loved second-hand wedding dress from a charity bridal store is one way you can reduce your environmental impact. Rewear, swap, resell, donate or recycle your wedding dress after the big day.

  1. Ask your florist for local and seasonal options

Ask your wedding florist if they can source locally-grown flowers, or suggest some seasonal alternatives.


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