Did you know that at a typical festival, it is estimated that each person can generate a footprint of 25 kg of carbon dioxide? This week on Ours to Protect, we’re looking at how you can be eco-conscious when packing and letting your hair down.

Thousands of tonnes of waste are generated every year at festivals and did you know: 

What can you do as a regular festival goer to reduce your impact? 

  1. Make investments and take care of your purchases. A high-quality tent or rucksack might be more expensive initially, but they could faithfully serve you through many festivals (and travels) to come, leading to savings in the long term. 
  2. Instead of “fuelling fast-fashion” when choosing outfits, consider instead the wealth of charity, second-hand and vintage shops. These are ideal spots for finding festival staples like costumes, jewellery, and rain jackets.
  3. Bringing a reusable food container or lunchbox to cut down the amount of packaging you consume. Only take what you will really need to avoid abandoning spoiled food and unopened packets in your campsite.
  4. Practice waste separation. Keep two bags for dry waste collection, ie. paper and plastic, and another for other types of waste. 
  5. Leave no trace. Campers can ensure they leave nothing behind to help sustain the environment for generations to come.


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