This week C103FM talked with Irene Ní Shúilleabháin of UCC GreenShoots about UCC’s Community Garden as an example of organic gardening. 

Did you know… 

Growing produce organically is said to have more flavour and be better for your health. Companion planting can help your plants grow healthier and happier all the while deterring pests from your produce. 

when you rake up your leaves in autumn you can use them as mulch for your beds You can use eggshells and coffee grounds as a way of encouraging plant growth. Take the bottom leaves of your leafy greens to keep the plant going for longer. Plant bushes and trees around your garden to create a microclimate and protect your crops from wind. 

Here’s a few resources if you want to know more: – Learn more about Organic gardening. – Find out about permaculture approaches. – See what plants grow best together with a companion planting approach. 

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