Did you know? 

The project  – called – ‘Gleann a’ Phúca’ – referring to the fact the area was once known as ‘Glen of the Spooks’ – aims to celebrate, protect and improve the water quality of the Glen River as it runs its course across the north side of the city.


Initiated by multidisciplinary Cork based artist, Julie Forrester, and delivered in collaboration with the Glen Resource Centre and The Local Authority Water Programme, the project aims to raise environmental awareness and promote active citizenship through a programme of creative offerings and activities that nurture a deep and responsible relationship with the park.


With combined funding of €56,500 provided by Cork City Council, the Local Authority Water programme, Local Creative Youth Partnership and Creative Climate Action Fund, ‘Gleann a’ Phúca’, will explore the ecology of the valley through six artists’ projects over the course of a year.

Here’s a few resources if you want to know more:

Project website here