Did you know? 


Around 800,000 tonnes of food waste is generated in the country every year and Ireland has committed to halving food waste by 2030 under a UN Sustainable Development Goal.


The Environmental Protection Agency launched a new Food Waste Charter earlier this year.


Membership of the Charter is open to businesses that produce, process, manufacture, distribute or sell food and drink and to supporting organisations that commit to championing the Food Waste Charter within their areas of responsibility.


Signing the Food Waste Charter is a pledge to take action to reduce food waste.


At home, people can also do what they can to reduce food waste.


With it being Halloween, Cork TV Chef Jack O’Keeffe has been sharing some handy Pumpkin recipes.


Jack is hosting a cookery demo at Cork’s Marina Market on Saturday November 4th with a tutorial on how to use up leftover pumpkins from midday.


Here’s a few resources if you want to know more:

Food Waste Charter here

Chef Jack O’Keeffe here