This week C103FM talked with Joanna Dukkipati of Good Day Cork about her project Diverse Stories from Nature 

How you can start a cultural conversation about the environment… 

The first step is to get into nature – go outside by yourself or with friends. Ask questions like “how does it feel being in nature right now?, how is that different from before? What senses are most prominent? What colours do you see? What can you smell? What can you hear – birds, water, the wind, cracking bark? Think about how this experience relates to your past, whether it’s your first time walking the trail or something you’ve done every day for years – what takes you to nature and why is it worthwhile. 

If you are not from the location originally, ask yourself how the space relates to a memory from back home, from when you lived somewhere else. Is it very different? How? What do you miss from the other settings, what do you prefer in this current environment. 

You can contact GoodDay Cork if you want them to facilitate a Nature Walk Conversation for you as well. 

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