Did you know? 

The transformation needed in Cork city for it to become carbon neutral by 2030 was the focus of discussions at a recent event. Cork City has been selected, as part of the EU 100 Climate-Neutral & Smart Cities Mission, to seek to achieve climate neutrality by 2030. Cork Business Association organised the event with an aim to educate and engage CBA members and the wider business community, to provide insights on how the journey towards climate neutrality will impact their businesses and how they can support this objective. Cork businesses had the chance to share their sustainability journeys. Ger Kiely from the Old Oak says they are seeing the benefits from making changes to how they operate including the installation of solar panels, a move to LED lighting and cutting sound checks at peak times where possible. Cork Business Association say they hope to plan practical workshops in the style of Climate Action Clinics. The hope is that these sessions will feature experts in sustainability offering advice, alongside businesses who are progressing on their sustainability journeys sharing their experiences.

Resources if you want to know more:

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