Did you know? 

The aim of the National Biodiversity action plan is to ensure that every citizen, community, business, local authority, semi-state and state agency has an awareness of biodiversity and its importance, and of the implications of its loss, while also understanding how they can act to address the biodiversity emergency as part of a renewed national effort to “act for nature”.

The National Biodiversity Action Plan 2023-2030 has five strategic objectives, while addressing new and emerging issues:

Objective 1 – Adopt a Whole of Government, Whole of Society Approach to Biodiversity   

Objective 2 – Meet Urgent Conservation and Restoration Needs

Objective 3 – Secure Nature’s Contribution to People

Objective 4 – Enhance the Evidence Base for Action on Biodiversity

Objective 5 – Strengthen Ireland’s Contribution to International Biodiversity Initiatives

Resources if you want to know more:

Ireland’s 4th National Biodiversity Action Plan 2023–2030 here