Did you know? 

Hotel Doolin has been leading the way in Green Hospitality not just in Clare but nationally in recent years.

In September 2019, the business achieved certification confirming it as Ireland’s first carbon neutral hotel.

Staff and Management at Hotel Doolin are committed to reducing water, energy and waste as well as purchasing locally. 70% of food produce for the hotel’s Glas Restaurant is sourced with a 50km radius of Doolin.



* To begin your ‘Green’ journey set up your own Green Team and devise your plan.

* If your business has Green credentials, customers will be drawn to you.

* In the early days, your business will probably not be in a position to fund major changes, however, the savings made through smaller projects could fund bigger actions.

* Install wood pellet stoves which have a carbon zero footprint.

* Send e-invoices to reduce the amount of paper you post.