Did you Know? 

Men’s sheds are non-profit local organisations that provide a space for social interaction and craftwork. The movement originated in Australia in the 1980s with the aim of improving the health and wellbeing of older men. The first of Clare’s sheds was formed in Ennis in 2013. The Ennis shed settled into its permanent home in 2021 and the members have continued to develop their ever expanding site which is based at seemingly unlikely location, a former landfill site. A large area has now been developed comprising an orchard and Hare’s Corner allowing members do their bit for biodiversity.



* Contact your local authority for information on possible funding to support your Biodiversity project. There may be other groups in Clare that could support you like the BurrenBeo Trust.


* It you haven’t a natural pond on your land, it’s very easy to create your own. Use a good pond liner. There’s a great selection of plants you can use in your pond and all will attract insects and wildlife.


* If you have a surrounding wall or railing/fence you can use it to support a rose bush which will also attract bees and other insects.


* Planting your own orchard is also quite easy. Check what type of soil/ground you have first (seek advice if necessary) and purchase your apple or plum trees for planting. Ask for help at a good garden shop.


* Safety – If you do build your own pond, keep safety in mind. Even if your pond isn’t that deep, it’s a good idea to have a lifebuoy nearby as a precaution.