Did you know?

The Burren Perfumery is located in the heart of the Burren in Co Clare, where it has operated for over five decades. Sadie Chowen and her husband Ralph are the third family to own and operate the business. Being located in the Burren, the business has to be sensitive to the local environment and this is something that the entire team at the Burren Perfumery is very conscious of.



* If you’re in business, it can be more beneficial to keep your operation as small as possible, making the best use of the space available to you.


* If you are involved in production, ask yourself how important packaging is. Most packaging is thrown away. Minimise the package you do use for your product.


* If you do use packaging, use vegetable inks and recycled paper.


* Growing trees in and around your area of operation has many benefits not only for the environment but also for the mental wellbeing of you and your staff.


* Sometimes, saying no can define you as a business. Don’t be afraid to say no to anything that might compromise your efforts to be more sustainable.