Did you know?

Eating a vegan diet can reduce the damage to the environment caused by food production and that research shows that vegan diets resulted in 75% less climate-heating emissions, water pollution and land use than diets in which more than 100g of meat a day was eaten.

Vegan diets also cut the destruction of wildlife by 66% and water use by 54%, the study found.




* There are several reasons why someone would choose to change to a vegan diet but many people aren’t aware that veganism and changing to vegan diet is good for the environment.


* You don’t have to be a true ‘ethical’ vegan to enjoy the benefits of plant-based food.


* As a vegan, people are doing their bit for the environment as there’s deforestation, soil degradation, and greenhouse gas emissions associated with meat production. This helps to slow climate change and secure our global food supply.


* Going Vegan could reduce an individual’s carbon footprint from food by up to 73 per cent, researchers at the University of Oxford found. 



The Vegan Society Ireland