The Environment Office of Clare County Council endeavours each year to ensure we enjoy Christmas in the most sustainable way possible.

Reducing our consumption, being more environmentally conscious with our choices and supporting local producers is not only kinder to the environment, but also to our pockets.

There is so much we can do to ensure our Christmas is more sustainable.




*  Buy local, support local. Purchase locally made gifts. Buying items online, usually from halfway around the world, results in a considerable carbon footprint. Choose local craft fairs and artisan shops where there is little transportation required. This supports the local economy and local jobs.


* Think ahead… Consider what’s going to happen to what you buy after Christmas. We will all probably have an amount of rubbish to dispose. Now is the time to consider what we really need to purchase for Christmas and how we will dispose of packaging and other materials after the holiday.


* Think about what you can reuse, repair, upcycle or recycle to minimise the amount of waste.


* Food waste… We are all likely to have food waste after Christmas. We all dump too much food. Buy and use only what you need.