* If you have any waste left over after Christmas, consider carefully what you should do with it.

* Did you know that food waste is a significant contributor to climate change generating around 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, food waste is bad for the environment and bad for our pockets.

* Think first about whether any of your waste can be you or somebody else reuse. Can it be mended and reused. If you have food waste, can it be frozen.

* Another option is to recycle but it’s important to recycle properly.

* It’s also important to ensure that you place your waste in the correct bins. Every house should have a general waste bin, a recycling bin and a food waste bin.

* Some people don’t separate out their food waste. If you don’t have a food waste bin, ask your waste disposal supplier for one.

* Investing in a composter for your food waste is also a very good option.




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