Did you know?


* The project at Ennis CBS primary school will result in the school cutting its energy bill and preventing tonnes of carbon dioxide from being emitted.


The school cut its energy bill by €10,000 thanks to solar panels on its roof that generated more green energy than the school actually used.


In 2023, the school reported it generated 39.48mw (Megawatts) of electricity while using only 32.4mw. The excess energy was sold back to the national grid, earning revenue for the school.


* Installing solar panels in schools allows for producing energy from the sun while slashing electricity costs and reducing their carbon footprint.


* Over the course of a year, as has been proven by Ennis CBS primary, a school can produce all of its energy requirements from solar panels.


* While a school may make money from producing its own energy, it can potentially save thousands of euro, money that can be spent on other projects or needs within that school.


* The typical amount a school can save will depend on a number of factors. However, by way of example, a school with a 6 kW Solar PV installation could expect to save in the region of €1,200 – €1,600 per annum on their bill, when the credit they’ve earned for exported electricity to the grid is taken into account.


* As well as the obvious financial and climate benefits, it is expected that the visibility of the solar panels on schools will deliver the added benefit of encouraging discussion and uptake of the technology in the wider community.