Did you know?


* The Old Rectory in Mountshannon, which was acquired by Clare County Council in 2021, is poised for repurposing and expansion into a visitor and interpretative centre dedicated to exploring the history and archaeology of the island of Inis Cealtra.

* The importance of a community’s involvement is such a significant project can’t be overstated. Parachuting a project into an area without community involvement doesn’t work.

* Sustainability and the protection of the local biodiversity are critical focuses of the project. Any local services that can be used for the project are being used.

* The windows of the rectory, which were previously replaced, will be changed again and in their place, new windows, produced locally, will be installed. This cuts down on the need to transport windows from outside the county, thus cutting back on pollution from diesel.

* The area around the building, located closed to the Lough Derg shoreline, is also very sensitive. Every effort is being made to protect the local diversity. All the trees are being preserved although some will have to be managed because they have become damaged over the years.

Any pathways will also be constructed to avoid the trees, keeping root protection in mind at all times.