Environmental photography not only captures nature in its raw form but also showcases the interplay between human civilization and the natural world. For example, it can highlight the contrast – the untouched beauty of landscapes against the glaring scars of deforestation, a pristine river against the backdrop of an industrial setup, or the sad eyes of an animal trapped in a zoo against its brethren running freely in the wild.

For photographers, teaming up with environmental protection programs can also be a chance to play a part in critical environmental research.

For example:


Types of environmental photography:

Environmental photography as a means to showcase natural beauty
Environmental photography’s power isn’t just in highlighting the challenges and consequences of human actions on the environment; it’s also in celebrating the sheer beauty of the natural world. Through their iconic images, some photographers have showcased the breathtaking beauty of our planet while also underscoring the importance of preserving these scenes for future generations. These images compel viewers to appreciate and hopefully protect the world around them.


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