This week on Ireland’s Classic Hits Radio we’re at ways of making our wardrobe a little greener. 


The 9-Step Guide to Creating a Sustainable Wardrobe

  1. Organise Your Closets

When starting on your journey towards sustainable fashion, decluttering your closets and organising your wardrobe is a must.  


  1. Change Your Shopping Habits 

This is probably the most important step when trying to create a sustainable wardrobe. Changing your perspective from want to need will help you cut down on impulsive shopping.


  1. Research Before You Buy

Creating a sustainable wardrobe doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, effort and commitment. Spend some time researching sustainable fashion brands and connect with them on social platforms. 


  1. Make a List of Your Favourite Sustainable Brands

Sustainable fashion businesses are on the rise, so there are a bunch of options out there to choose from, as you already determined in the previous step.


  1. Go for Organic Fabrics

As long as it is not organic, the cotton that big mainstream brands use in their clothing is sprayed with pesticides. However, there are a few non-toxic fabrics you can search for while shopping: organic cotton, linen, leather, wool, hemp, peace silk.


  1. Purchase Timeless Pieces

Creating an ethical wardrobe means simplifying your arsenal of clothes and accessories to a few trusted sustainable pieces. A part of this process is checking the wearability of each piece of clothing you buy.


  1. Take Care of Your Clothes 

There is no point in investing in good quality items if you don’t take care of them. Your clothes need proper care if you want them to maintain their sustainability. 


  1. Donate and Resell 

Give a second life to your old clothes by reselling or donating what you no longer need. 


  1. Repair Your Clothes 

Besides donating unwanted clothes and reselling things you don’t use anymore, learning how to repair the clothes you want to keep is an important step in this transition.


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