This week on Ireland’s Classic Hits Radio we’re looking at a new product that combines an air conditioner/heat pump with a car charger.


7 potential benefits of EV charging stations for business


  1. Attract customers

EV drivers may stop for a few hours to top up their cars. Regardless of your business type, installing an EV charger has been found to help businesses improve footfall with this audience. 


  1. Put Your Business on the Map

EV drivers rely on apps to locate charge points and if you wish, your business can be referenced publicly. With time on their hands, EV drivers dropping by to charge are likely to explore your business offering. 


  1. Offer Something Your Competitors Don’t

A large percentage of physical shoppers will bring their car with them. Many EV drivers will likely want to have the option to charge while they shop. Therefore, offering charge points may mean you are chosen above competing businesses. 


  1. Increase Customer Connections

Smart EV charging can allow drivers to connect with a business if they stop by to charge, meaning businesses can gain further customer insights and even communicate deals and offers, increasing the likelihood of return visits. 


  1. Support a Green Business Initiative by Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

One of the main EV charging benefits for businesses is that it’s a practical, visual example of your organisation’s values and commitment to sustainability.


  1. Back-Up Your Brand Values and CSR Commitments

If your brand or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) policies are focused on sustainability and green business initiatives, the absence of EV infrastructure will likely undermine such efforts, resulting in a lack of brand trust. 


  1. Attract and Retain Customers and Employees

Having an EV infrastructure in place demonstrates a proactive approach to innovation and modern culture – and may tip the balance in attracting top employees as well as retaining your workforce. 



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