This week Ireland’s Classic Hits Radio looked at the importance of locally grown flowers vs. imported bouquets

Did you know…

• A bouquet of imported flowers has a carbon footprint of 30kg (a flight to Paris has a carbon footprint of 60kg)
• Local flowers have a carbon footprint of 1.71kg
• Imported flowers require a continuous spray of chemicals to keep them fresh – there are no such chemicals on local flowers
• Irish Flower Week takes place on 01-09/07/2023

What can I do to help cut down on my carbon footprint when purchasing flowers?

• Buy form a local Flower Farmer – find your local farmer at
• Ask your florist if they source local flowers, and if not, would they consider sourcing them

Here’s a few websites if you want to know more ! – The Flower Farmers of Ireland – Flower Farmers Ireland on Instagram