This week at Ireland’s Classic Hits Radio we’ve been looking at the best ways to cut back on our waste at Halloween.


Halloween waste statistics


What can we do about Halloween waste?


Reducing Halloween waste in costumes

Re-use your old costumes or buy from charity shops this year, or perhaps even make your own! 


What about pumpkins?

If you’re keen to pumpkin carve this year then you should consider reducing how many pumpkins you buy or, even better, use the leftovers from the carvings to make soups, pies, and other tasty treats.



Similar to costumes, try to reuse from previous years, buy second-hand, or make your own where possible. 


Sweets and treats

Before going to the shops to buy sweets and chocolates for the trick-or-treaters this year, could you make your own treats? If not, look for products with minimal or recyclable packaging.


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