This week at Ireland’s Classic Hits Radio we’ve been looking at the sustainable clothing industry. 


10 simple steps to being more sustainable with your clothes….

  1. Educate yourself

The most invaluable first step is to do your research brands that operate with a sustainably-focused mind.


  1. Go far beyond the 30 wears test

As sustainability becomes a bigger part of our everyday lives, it brings into question whether 30 wears is enough when shopping for our forever wardrobe.


  1. Invest in trans-seasonal clothes


  1. Look after your clothes so they last longer


  1. Donate your unwanted clothes


  1. Adapt your attitude to shopping

We all know how exciting shopping can be and the thrill that comes with wearing a new item, but opting for vintage pieces or renting outfits for certain occasions is also a great way to do it. 


  1. Invest in quality over quantity


  1. When buying new, adjust how you spend your money

Change what you splurge on. Spend your ‘investment’ cash on the things you wear every day. 


  1. Learn how to repair clothes yourself (or find a good tailor)


  1. Change your perspective, and stick to it


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