10 ways to heat your home for less


  1. Draught-proof your home

Draught-proofing is a quick and easy win when looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency. 


  1. Install radiator reflectors

Radiator reflectors are a clever and inexpensive way of stopping heat being lost from your radiators. 


  1. Bleed your radiators

If there are cold spots on your radiators, particularly at the top, it’s a sign they need bleeding. 


  1. Optimise your central heating system

With the advent of smart technology, controlling your home’s heating has never been easier.


  1. Upgrade electric storage heaters


  1. Mind where you put the furniture 

It’s important not to block sources of heat with furniture.


  1. Install a Heat Pump system

There are a range of heat pumps systems available which draw heat from different sources such as air, water or the ground. 


  1. Upgrade your gas boiler

If your boiler is more than 10 years old, it may be time to replace it with a new, more efficient model. 


  1. Install solar panels

You can install either solar thermal panels which heat air and water, or solar PV panels which generate their own renewable electricity, to power electrical appliances in your home.


  1. Switch energy supplier

Finally, switching supplier is the easiest way to heat your home for less.

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