This week on Ireland’s Classic Hits Radio we’re looking at ways of improving our domestic recycling. 


What can I put in my recycling bin?

Paper and cardboard: letters, brochures, cardboard boxes (flattened), egg boxes, cardboard centres from toilet roll and kitchen roll, newspapers, ‘Tetra Pak’ cartons for juice or milk

Rigid plastic (washed and dry): plastic drink bottles, plastic cleaning bottles, butter, yoghurt and salad tubs, plastic trays for fruit and vegetables, plastic milk containers, plastic bottles for liquid soap or shampoo

Soft plastic (washed and dry): frozen food bags, bread wrappers, plastic shopping bags, bubble wrap, crisp wrappers, pasta bags, outer wrapping on kitchen and toilet rolls, breakfast cereal bags

Tins and cans (washed and dry): soup cans, pet food cans, drink cans and food cans


What can I bring to a recycling facility?


A wide range of items can be accepted at recycling facilities. Check with your local centre, as there can be considerable variation in what they accept.

All materials should be clean.

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