This week on Ireland’s Classic Hits Radio we’re looking at the advantages to investing in Solar Panels.


Benefits of Residential Solar:

  1. Pollution Free

Solar energy causes no greenhouse gasses to be omitted after installation so it doesn’t damage our environment.

2. Reduces dependency on fossil fuel

The more solar energy is used, the less we will rely on the world’s finite fossil fuels.

3. Low maintenance

Solar panels require less maintenance than many alternative forms of power generation and most panels will last between 25-30 years.

4. Power every day

Although the sun may not shine every day, solar panels will still generate some power.

5. Hot water

Although there is an upfront cost, solar panels are a fantastic way to generate hot water for a fraction of the price of an electric or gas-powered system in the long run.

6. Grants and tax incentives

There are grants and tax incentives for households and businesses in Ireland to install solar panels.


  1. Selling to the Grid:

Additional energy generated by Solar Panels can now be sold back to the grid, meaning that the winter bills are lowered.


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