Did you know… 

Plastic Party bags are made of single use plastics, which we all know are really bad for our children’s planet. There are Approximately 670,000 4-8 year olds in Ireland, if each one receives 5 bags this year that equates to 3,350,000.

By the time a child leaves primary school, parents will most likely have spent over €5,000 on birthday parties and gifts. Using reusable party packs will help cut costs and help the environment.  

What you can do… 

Borrow a party kit for your next party instead of disposables; Aim for plastic-free take-home bags – like sunflower seeds to plant, a home-made salt dough decoration, a cupcake, a book (or just skip them altogether)


Here’s a few resources if you want to know more:

Jiminy Eco Toys here

The Party Kit Network here

Eco Birthday Parties for Kids here