Did you know… 

The Old Oak pub is on Oliver Plunkett Street. A significant proportion of its energy needs is being self-generated through almost 100 solar panels on its roof. Ger says they are seeing the benefits from making changes to how they operate which also includes a move to LED lighting and cutting sound checks at peak times where possible. The Old Oak’s sustainability journey was one of a number highlighted at a recent CBA-organised event where the transformation needed in Cork city for it to become carbon neutral by 2030 was the focus of discussions.

Meanwhile, this week the first ever Climate Action Plan for Cork city was launched by Cork City Council. The UCC analysis of greenhouse gas emissions in the city, commissioned by the climate Action Unit, showed that housing and transport are the biggest contributors to our carbon emissions and areas in which change is imperative. The process of drafting the plan began in 2023 with consultation with young people and children, community groups, businesses, public sector staff, and councillors, to find out what people in the city wanted to see in the Climate Action Plan.


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