Eco-Friendly Cleaning is the hot topic on Ours to Protect this week as Max visits Planet A in Bray .

Cleaning our homes doesn’t have to dirty our environment. Small changes can make a big difference to both the earth and our health.

Say goodbye to single use disposable items such as paper towels and wipes. Cloth rags and washable mop heads are kinder on the pocket and the environment.

Switch to refillable containers and decrease your plastic impact. Shops like Planet A have a range of refill options available.

Think healthy! Toxic cleaners are bad for you and bad for the environment. Discard toxic cleaners for natural products. Choose laundry detergents that are free from phosphates, bleach and artificial fragrances that will be kinder on your fabrics and the water system.

Raid the cupboards. Baking soda is amazing at cleaning stains while vinegar makes mirrors and windows shine.

Be mindful of water usage by switching off taps when you don’t need them. Steam cleaners are a great way of making water go further while lifting away stubborn dirt without leaving a residue.