Did you know?

VOICE is a member based Irish Environmental charity that empowers individuals and local communities to take positive action to conserve our natural resources. VOICE is the NGO expert in Ireland on waste reduction and circular economy. 

Common Knowledge is a non-profit social enterprise based in the Burren. Common Knowledge shares skills in building, making, mending and growing to the community in order for sustainable change.

Max caught up with Common Knowledge’s co-founder, Harrison Gardner and eco-builder  as he speaks to VOICE about how building your home sustainably and naturally can inspire change for the future. Harrison believes that using natural materials in order to build your home is a no-brainer. Blending what you have accessible naturally with traditional building is an approach he preaches. 

Harrison Gardner’s Book: ‘Build Your Own: Use what you have to create what you need.’ Is available via his website, at https://www.harrisongardner.net/ 

Organisations like VOICE and Common Knowledge allow for individuals to take part in the conversation around the environment as well as actively creating change for the future.

For more information on these organisations visit:

VOICE: https://www.voiceireland.org/ 

Common Knowledge: https://www.ourcommonknowledge.org/