Week 30 The BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 

In this episode Max visits The BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition to talk with exhibitors about projects with an environmental focus.

Aimee Duggan and Eimear Lawlor from Deodorant 101, A Solution to Pollution spoke about their project which led to the development of a new eco-friendly deodorant.

Homemade deodorants prevent sweat and odour like traditional deodorants but do not contain the chemicals that harm the body and the environment.

Why not have a go at home by following this simple recipe www.zerowastechef.com


Evie Kenny, Frey Hobbs and Luke Strahan are representing Global Action Plan at the exhibition. 

Global Action Plan delivers education, knowledge and skills for giving solutions to the climate crisis by bringing adults into schools to train teachers. 

They are asking those at the expo how they think science can solve the climate crisis.

Find out more by visiting  www.globalactionplan.ie