How to keep your house warm?

Keeping your home heated and preventing heat loss can be achieved by insulation and draft proofing. 

Internal Insulation:                                               External Insulation

– Less expensive                                                     – More expensive

– Creates a loss of space                                       – Less disruption to the household

– Disruptive to the household                                 – Eliminates thermal bridging

– Difficult to eliminate thermal bridging

How to Achieve Insulation?

You can achieve insulation via your attic or your windows, however most loss is through the walls in your house. Ordinary thermostat control is a little and cost effective way to contribute to the loss of heat in your house. 

In order to apply for a grant for help on insulating your home, visit for more information.

Willow Warm

Dermot Bannon from RTE’s ‘Room to Improve’ is participating in Willow Warm. Willow Warm is Ireland’s Carbon Neutral Briquettes. Willow Warm briquettes are made from sustainable timber. Timber is a fast growing material as well as a Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) perennial crop, which means, once the crop is harvested, it can be regrown. Willow Warm is Irish made as well as being a carbon neutral product. Dermot Bannon, being the brand ambassador for Willow Warm, urges you to visit for a chance to win a Home Consultation by himself.