This week Highland Radio spoke to Irish Water and Donegal Seaweed.

Did you know?

  1. Buncrana is one of 17 Think Before Your Flush communities in Ireland!
  2. Ragging – this is when unflushable items are flushed and cause blockage and damage to pumps > 
  3. The ‘Dirty Dozen’ are the top 12 most flushed items that cause damage
    1. Dental floss can collect in filters during the treatment process and break machinery > 
    2. Unused medication can destroy bacteria, contaminate groundwater and impact wildlife > 
    1. Agriculture in Ireland is specifically linked with marked increases in water pollution from nutrients (nitrates and phosphates), elevated pesticide levels, declining aquatic biodiversity, physical damage to water bodies, and widespread unregulated wetland drainage. (SWAN)

    Why is it so important?

    1. Uisce Eirean manages around 10,000 blockages a year, many of them preventable.
    2. Flushed items can turn into Marine Litter and wash up on beaches. Here is a great explainer video which can be used for adults and children alike >
    3. The Irish Independant report in May of this year that 40% of water sources in Ireland were overloaded with fertilzer residue > 

    Learn more:

    1. Find out more about Donegal Seaweed HERE.
    2. Find the Think Before your Flush Website HERE.
    3. Get involved with the Inishowens Rivers Trust to help our local rivers.