This week Highland Radio spoke to Alena Kunkle, Clean Coasts Co-Ordinator for Donegal and William Keogh, Secretary of The Friends of Rossnowlagh Clean Coasts Group.

Did you know?

Thousands of people across Ireland will do a Christmas Swim! Being an Island, the coast is part and parcel of life, especially here in Donegal – we have over 100 Beaches!

Loads of people bring their four legged friends to the beach for a walk.

The Clean Coasts Big Beach Clean saw 46 tonnes of rubbish lifted from Irish beaches – that’s the same as 12 hippos!

Rossnowlagh Clean Coasts Group won an award for their campaign ‘Lift It, Bin It’, encouraging dog walkers to scoop the poop!

Why it’s important!

  1. One incident of Dog fouling  can pollute the amount of water the size of a tennis court. (Dublin Bay Bathing Water Report)
  2. 1g of dog faeces contains around 23 million bacteria and can pose a number of health risks. If left on a beach it can come into contact with children easily.

Those who fail to pick up after their dog will be fines €150 on the spot. (Citizens Information)