Did you know?

As well as no-mow may, the Let it Be campaign runs for the month of April to encourage people to treat dandelions  as flowers and not weeds and to leave them in the ground

Its part of the pollinator plan > https://pollinators.ie/ 

They are so resilient, they can even grow in gaps on pavements > https://iwt.ie/species-in-focus-dandelions/#:~:text=Dandelions%20are%20considered%20a%20weed,spring%20without%20stopping%20until%20autumn

You can tell bees apart by their bee-hinds! > https://pollinators.ie/record-pollinators/id-guides/ 

Why it’s important!

Bee’s are responsible for pollinating 30% of our food source > https://pollinators.ie/record-pollinators/ 

Dandelions are one of the most important food sources for bees > 

It’s not just the bumble bee, there are over 20 bee species in IReland, 6 of them are most commonly found in your garden.

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