Did you know?

€12 billion is lost out on every year by people replacing electrical appliances that could have been repaired > https://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/press-room/20240419IPR20590/right-to-repair-making-repair-easier-and-more-appealing-to-consumers#:~:text=Consumers%20also%20lose%20about%20%E2%82%AC,consumers%20for%20the%20green%20transition

To help prevent this, the right to repair was introduced > https://www.rediscoverycentre.ie/2024/03/07/right-to-repair-response/#:~:text=The%20Right%20to%20Repair%20legislation%20aims%20to%20support%20independent%20repair,compatible%20or%20reused%20spare%20parts

So save your pocket and alway see of your machine can be saved from waste unnecessarily!


Things you can do at home to save your appliances

Washing machine & Tumble Dryer:

Check and clean filters regularly

Run a monthly maintenance wash

Check pockets before washing clothes, this is usually the cause of blockages

Don’t overload your washing


Keep clean to avoid build up

Ensure door seal is in repair to stop heat escaping

Fridge & Freezer:

Don’t over pack

Ensure doors are sealed properly

Manually defrost twice a year

Ensure pipe at back of Fridge is free from blockages


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