On this week’s episode of “Ours To Protect”, Ethna spoke to environmental consultant Jack O’Sullivan who is involved with Zero Waste Alliance Ireland (ZWAI).

Here’s some more information about the organisation and how you can get involved.

What is Zero Waste Alliance Ireland?  ZWAI is a registered environmental charity and NGO, nationally based, and is a member of the Irish Environmental Network and the Environmental Pillar of Social Partnership. 

ZWAI is a not-for-profit policy-oriented organisation, established in 2004, to focus on Zero Waste principles (whole lifecycle approach) where waste is seen as a resource. We believe the existing consumerist and wasteful economy and society cannot continue much longer in its present form, and that radical changes are urgently needed.

The work: Zero Waste Alliance Ireland prepares policy documents on waste management, lobby Government on the issue of sustainable resource and critical materials management, and to express concern at the failure to address Ireland’s waste problems at a fundamental level.

ZWAI concentrates on the objectives of ensuring that Ireland’s government agencies, local authorities and other organisations will develop and implement environmentally sustainable resources and waste management policies, especially resource efficiency, waste reduction and elimination, the promotion of re-use, repair and recycling, and the development and implementation of the Circular Economy.

How to get involved: Zero Waste Alliance Ireland is a member-based environmental NGO. The board is elected by our members and takes place at our Annual General Meeting, any of our members are welcome to run for a board position.

Get involved here: https://www.zwai.ie/get-involved