On this week’s “Ours to Protect”, show Producer, Ethna Quirke is joined by Sarah Fox, herbalist, yoga instructor and pagan priestess on the importance of connecting with nature.

Sarah is ordained as ‘Priestess of the Sacred Land’ by Coire SOIS School of Irish Spirituality. She regularly conducts mindful, ceremony-based workshops in accordance with the Celtic Wheel of the Year festivals. 

Sarah specialises in Herbal Medicine.

What is Herbal Medicine? 

Herbal medicine refers to using a plant’s seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers for medicinal purposes. Herbalism has a long tradition of use. Analysis and advances in clinical research show the value of herbal medicine in treating and preventing disease.

Herbs contain many botanical components, and they may work together, in synergy, to produce a beneficial effect. They work well based on their complex chemistry. Medicinal plants have the capacity to adapt and enhance physiological processes or to modify abnormal function.

Herbal medicine is used to treat many conditions. Many common or chronic problems such as stress, skin disorders, asthma, arthritis, migraine, chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, digestive disturbances, irritable bowel syndrome cardiovascular disorders, hormonal imbalances/premenstrual syndrome/menopausal symptoms, depression, hay-fever, sinus congestion, bacterial and fungal infections, amongst others are successfully treated.

Herbal medicine, when used correctly, is safe, effective, and gentle on the system.

To learn more about connecting with nature, building community, taking time to breathe and find a greater sense of balance, and how that can engagement with nature can encourage climate action and activism, you’ll find Sarah at www.Sarahfox.ie and for more information about the “Ours to Protect” initiative, visit www.ourstoprotect.ie