In this week Ours to Protect, show Producer Ethna Quirke chatted with John Glavin about Trifol, an exciting new recycling project he is involved in.  

About the company:

Trifol is an Clean Technology company that has developed proprietary technologies to convert plastic waste into wax. Plastic waste is a global environmental issue causing significant negative environmental impact. The TRIFOL technology processes low grade plastic waste into waxes for multiple applications (industrial, packaging, cosmetics, candles) and into ingredients for high specification synthetic automotive engine oils in an environmentally friendly manner.

In 2022, Trifol Resources secured an EU grant of €3 million under the Climate Action and environment funding arm.

During the summer, the Environmental Protection Agency published figures which indicate that in Ireland there are high levels of glass (84%) and paper/cardboard (73%) recycling, but plastic is more frequently thrown out.

Just 28% of plastic packaging waste was recycled in 2021, against a 2025 EU target of 50%. 

The majority of Ireland’s plastic packaging waste is being incinerated, the EPA said. 

Less than one third is recycled. 

Plastics are made from fossil fuels, so, carbon is built into them and is released as carbon dioxide when incinerated. As much as 2.7 kg of CO2 is emitted for every kilogram of plastic incinerated.

All plastic packaging including soft plastics (that you can scrunch in your hand)and rigid (hard) plastics can go in your recycling bin provided it is Clean, Dry & Loose.  This includes all plastic films from your shopping, plastic bottles from milk, water and beverages; plastic tubs, containers and food trays; yogurt pots; soap, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles.  

You can find a full list of items that can be put in your recycling bin on the My Waste website.

Please place items in your recycling bin – clean, dry and loose.