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Fast fashion is a phrase used to describe the trend of low-cost garments sold by multinational brands. Bulk buying of short-lived micro trends has caused fashion to become the second largest polluter on the planet. However, young people across the country have been turning the rapid production and waste of this industry on its head. 

An example of this creativity is the annual Junk Kouture competition, which challenges young people to upcycle materials into high fashion garments. Junk Kouture’s slogan is “the future is circular,” and brings together students across Europe to see often discarded materials through a different lens. 

How to make your wardrobe more eco-friendly

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Junk Kouture is open to 13-19-year-olds and challenges young people to design, upcycle and create high-end Kouture from recycled materials, and to learn more about how you can participate see: 


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