What are some of the methods used by the students? 

As Joanna and Joanne described, The students at LSAD use state-of-the-art software Gerber and Clo3d that helps to reduce the amount of material used as it removes the sample production.This means the amount of resources needed for each garment is reduced. 

Students like Cosmia are embracing natural dying. This process is much better for  the environment. Synthetic dyes tend to have harmful effects, even on the individual and factory workers that work in the textile industry, and also works as a pollutant, for both water and the environment. Natural dyes that come from sources like plants, fruits, or flowers. Many natural dyes also have antimicrobial properties, making them safer for children to wear. 

As Rachel described, reusing textiles reduces the need for new production and conserves these resources. 

Reviving heritage crafts also helps preserve and promote our cultural identity, while many traditional crafts use locally sourced and sustainable materials, reducing the environmental impact of construction. 

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