Energy is a hot topic of conversation at the moment. Everyone has faced higher energy bills since Russia invaded Ukraine last year with providers only now starting to reduce their prices.

But just how much energy are we using, where is Ireland’s energy coming from and what effect is this having on the environment?

New research finds Ireland’s total energy demand increased by almost five percent last year. However, 2022 also marked the first year that renewable energy production exceeded that of fossil fuels here.

So, is the overall picture good or bad?

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) published its Final Energy Balance for 2022 last week and this week, head of the energy statistics team at the SEAI, Lee Carroll tells us more about our energy consumption habits last year.

Make sure to tune in again next week when Lee will give us some practical everyday tips to reduce our energy-related emissions and some information about the supports that are available from the SEAI to make our homes and vehicles more energy efficient.