On this week’s episode:

The European Union’s greenhouse gas emissions fell by 5% last year, continuing a trend of declining emissions in Europe. It’s the world’s fastest-warming continent, where climate change is already worsening droughts, wildfires and fatal heatwaves. Having set legally-binding targets to reduce its contribution to global warming, the 27-country EU is now grappling with how to meet them – and who will pay.

People of all generations must work together to tackle the climate crisis, according to activists. ESRI figures have revealed teens and those in their 20s believe older people are less concerned about climate change. Data shows this is not the case, and despite younger people holding the belief, it does not motivate them to engage in activism.

97% of sites tested for bathing water quality met or exceeding the minimum standard last year. 114 had excellent water quality, down from 117 in 2022. Figures from the EPA found the number of beaches with poor bathing water quality increased to five, compared with three in 2022.