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With multiple warnings that the planet is getting warmer at an alarming rate, we speak to Met Éireann about what is going on in the world. Also in this week’s episode, the organisers of the upcoming Skerries Wild Bee Festival tell us about the pollinator powers of the under-threat winged insects.


UN secretary general António Guterres has warned “climate change is out of control” after new data showed average world temperatures in the seven days to last Wednesday were the hottest week in 44 years of record-keeping.


It is just one of a number of recent warnings that the planet is warming up at an alarming rate. So, what is causing this rise in temperature? Is there any way we can stop it? And was last week’s flash flooding in Drogheda a freak event or as a result of climate change?


We get some answers from climatologist Paul Moore from the country’s national forecaster Met Éireann.


Meanwhile, the upcoming Skerries Wild Bee Festival aims to shine a light on just how important the under-threat winged insects are for the growth of some of our favourite fruit and vegetables.


We speak to bee experts Charlie and Marion Heasman who founded the festival last year and are concerned about the sustainable and biodiverse future of the growing north county Dublin town.

More information about the Skerries Wild Bee Festival, which takes place on July 22nd and 23rd, can be found here while you can find out more about Met Éireann’s TRANSLATE project here.