10 Tips for Saving Energy at Home and On-The-Move


  1. When using your thermostat, reduce the temperature by 1°C and you could save 10%
  2. Heat it when you need it – use timers or smart heating controls to fit your routine
  3. Switch stuff off – pull the plug!
  4. Don’t turn on the lights until necessary and don’t forget to turn them off when leaving a room
  5. The biggest energy users are the shower, cooker, tumble dryer, washing machine and kettle – use them sensibly
  6. Tackle the cold draughts around your home to keep heat where you need it
  7. Cook clever and make the most of your oven, hob and kettle
  8. Shift as many short car journeys to active travel (walking or cycling) as possible
  9. Shift longer car journeys onto public transport if possible
  10. Make the switch to an EV (electric vehicle) the next time you upgrade your car


(Source: Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland)