SEC Tip Sheet

If you are a Sustainable Energy Community, the services outlined below are what the Energy Team can provide to your community.


To help inspire and recruit homeowners to become involved in a Sustainable Energy Community retrofit programme through the delivery of a highly interactive one hour educational programme, covering the following:

Building Community Skills

Recognising that people and communities need support, guidance and hand holding, we provide mentoring, training and support to Sustainable Energy Communities (SEC’s) on how to establish the foundations of a group and build the key capabilities and skills that will lead to success.

Guidance on the steps to leverage the opportunities that exist for communities to collaborate with key partners in successful electricity generation.

Energy Master Plan

Partnering with communities to build an energy master plan that will identify opportunities for energy savings within the community.

Implementation & Management

Retrofitting programmes led by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) are critical steps on the road to a carbon free environment. We provide a clear road map for communities and individuals on the implementation of solutions for retrofitting homes, business premises and community centres. We bring five years of experience in the administration, recruitment, funding, communications, logistical support and quality assurance of these programmes.

We have delivered significant benefits to homeowners and communities on cost savings through reduced energy use, reduced energy bills and a move to more renewable energy solutions.