Fáilte Ireland Climate Action Programme – Benefits for Businesses

Participating in this Programme provides you with a dedicated Advisor for step-by-step support, helping you cut costs and contribute to national targets, boosting the overall reputation of Ireland’s tourism sector.

The Climate Action Programme is customised for your business’s specific needs, from assessing your current situation to setting and achieving ambitious targets with a tailored roadmap.

Here are some of the advantages and what you can expect from the Programme:

Reduced costs: Save on energy, water and waste.

Expert guidance: Continuous support from a dedicated expert Advisor.

Sustainability analysis: Evaluate and refine your current sustainability strategy and targets.

Tailored action plan: Create a 3-year SMART (Simple, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Time Bound) action plan with expert guidance.

Marketing boost: Leverage increased exposure and marketing resources from Fáilte Ireland.

Credible certification: Access the All-Island Sustainability Assurance Programme to communicate and market your sustainability certification.

Greater funding opportunities: Get easier access to grants and low-interest loans suitable for tourism businesses.

Enhanced reputation: Boost your business’s reputation and competitiveness which will improve your bottom line.