Tips to reduce Gaseous Emissions on your Dairy Farm


Use protected urea

Apply protected urea instead of CAN/straight urea


Apply lime

Identify fields low in pH using soil analysis


Build or maintain soil fertility

Continue to use P & K fertilisers such as 18:6:12


Use 100% LESS

Apply slurry in spring / early summer using Low Emission Slurry Spreading Technology (LESS)


Reduce chemical N by 10kg/ha

Apply lime, incorporate clover and make best use of slurry / FYM


Better grassland management

Weekly farm walk, measure grass and extend grazing season


Improve animal health

Create a herd health plan


Improve dairy herd quality

Use high EBI bulls and increase herd EBI by > €10/year

Use sexed semen to accelerate genetic gain


Increase milk solids/cow

Milk record, cull poor cows and aim for 305-day lactation


Reduce age at first calving

Calf heifers at 22 to 26 months and aim for 20% replacement rate


Finish cattle earlier

Use Dairy Beef Index (DBI) to produce earlier finishing cattle


Incorporate clover

Incorporating 5 kg/ha (2 kg/ac) will replace up to 100 kg/ha (80 units/ac) of chemical N/year


(Source: Teagasc)