The Evolution of Ireland’s Energy Supply: A 20-year Overview


Renewable Energy Expansion:

Ireland has experienced significant growth in wind power, with installations increasing from 276 MW in 2003 to over 5,000 MW in 2023.


Decrease In Fossil Fuels:

To combat climate change, Ireland has closed coal-fired power plants and decommissioned peat-fired power stations, reducing reliance on fossil fuels.


Energy Efficiency And Conservation:

Measures to optimize energy consumption and reduce waste have been implemented through updated building regulations and energy efficiency standards.


Interconnection And Energy Imports:

Ireland’s energy market is interconnected with neighbouring countries through projects like the East-West Interconnector and the ongoing Celtic Interconnector, enabling the exchange of electricity and ensuring a diversified supply.


Emerging Technologies And Innovation:

Technological advancements, including energy storage, smart grids, and electric vehicle infrastructure, have improved energy efficiency and promoted renewable energy integration.


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